We are handling all cases in the order that we receive them and we will inform you as soon as we have an update in your case.

Handling times for some requests and with some airlines are currently estimated to be at least 6-8 weeks if they do not concern a flight in the near future. Depending on the delays from airlines a refund payment can take from 2-8 weeks, and even longer in extreme cases.

Please read this before contacting us:

To check the status of your flights, we recommend checking directly on the airline's website before contacting us.

Also check their site to see if they permit refunds or changes since some airlines have stopped offering cash refunds for canceled flights. Instead, they are offering alternatives such as vouchers or the ability to rebook.

Please understand that waiting times may be longer than normal.

If you have an active customer service request, we kindly ask you not to call or email as that will only make our queues longer.

In all cases you may also turn to the airline for assistance with your request. They are obligated to assist you in cases where they have canceled your flight, even if you have bought your tickets using a travel agent.

Regarding cancellations of your booking:

If you have not received a flight cancellation email from us 72 hours before departure and you don’t wish to travel on your ticket, please contact the airline to cancel your ticket.